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It’s both ironic and tragic that contraception, abortion, and casual sex are promoted in women’s name. Many women know that robbing sex of its weight actually harms women, but they don’t always have the facts and words to explain why.

WSFT equips members with the skills they need to boldly proclaim where women’s true interests lie in sex, dating, marriage, and our own procreative health.

Thanks to a wonderfully generous donor, all gifts made in May to Reconnect Media will be matched—up to $60,000! Your gift ensures that WSFT can keep helping women like you speak up with confidence.

So that when a friend shares a meme on social media claiming that contraception is the best way to prevent abortion, you’ll be able to respond with accuracy and kindness because of the communication tips and resources we provide you via our social media channels, our emails, and our website.

And when the NYTimes gives a report that erroneously celebrates contraception, abortion, or casual sex as advancements to women’s freedom, our resources provide you ACCURATE studies and facts to refute them.

We even offer online and in-person media training for FREE, for those who want a bigger platform.

And we provide an online and in-person support system for women, cheerfully connecting members all across the world as they bring awareness and education efforts to the public.

The results have been amazing. Countless women have spoken for themselves in their local communities, on social media, in op-eds, and in politics!

For too long, Planned Parenthood and other “women’s rights” groups have been the voice defining women’s equality and health. Thanks to WSFT, no longer are their voices going unopposed.

Above all, we want to inspire and support you in speaking for yourself online, in your local media, and among your family and friends. You have what it takes become an advocate and activist both in your own community and in the wider world.

Join your voice in cheerful encouragement with your WSFT sisters today, with a gift to our Mother’s Day Matching Campaign

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