Congressional Letter Campaign For Religious Freedom

wsft-fb-logoNo matter your opinion on the entire scope of the health care law (the “Affordable Care Act” or ACA), you are probably feeling some weariness, or disbelief, or even anger at having to continue our struggle to vindicate such an important and obvious human right – the right not to be coerced by the government to do things directly contradicting our deeply held (not to mention eminently rational) religious convictions.

To give you an outlet for your feelings… how about a project!?!

Beginning as soon as you can, a few suggestions for keeping local pressure on your Federal Representatives and Senators:

Here is a list of the members of Congress on the WRONG SIDE of conscience protection.

Here are the two sets of talking points you already have.

For each member, I think we need three actions:

  1. A local paper letter to the editor or editorial
  2. visit to their local or Washington office
  3. A set of letters from at least 10 constituents telling them that they are on the wrong side of human rights and American history.

Two additional requests connected with this one:

  1. As you do each thing, write to me and send me whatever product you have – we will keep a tally until we have done each action for every wrongheaded federal representative.
  2. Give me permission to share your progress with all the rest of us.

I realize that many thought we could move on to other important work by this time – work to advance women’s freedom and respect for life more generally – versus continuing to fight a stupid, unconstitutional assault on our right to religious freedom.


But the victory goes to the ones who endure, yes?? And you do know that one of women’s outstanding attributes is our ability to endure?! Yes!

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  • Dearest Helen,
    You spoke at the recent Chicago Catholic Deacon Convocation and we were all privileged to be in the presence of such an intelligent and faith filled woman. All I can say personally is, “Wow!.”

    May God continue to bless you and the work you do.

    Thank you.
    Deacon Greg

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