Buzz about Women Speak for Themselves…in BuzzFeed News!

Women Speak for Themselves was featured in this awesome piece in BuzzFeed News about how pro-life women are changing the conversation on abortion.

BuzzFeed News explains how WSFT encourages women to “appeal to those who disagree” with us on abortion or contraception. Using a woman-centered approach, we show how to offer a rational response to those who are pro-abortion.

The article is worth reading. Since the pro-life movement began, many pro-life groups have used messages and tactics that actually alienate the very people whose minds they are trying to change.

Buzzfeed News goes on to talk about how several woman-led pro-life groups—including WSFT—are working to change that.

Buzzfeed News mentioned WSFT materials which help women connect with others about their beliefs “without sounding crazy”. Many WSFT resources– from our writer’s guide, to blog posts, to talking points, are designed to help you connect with others and share your beliefs in a way that can be accepted by anyone.

We were also featured as the only organization helping women in “speaking to the press” on these issues!

Not only what WSFT does, but what WSFT says was shared by Buzzfeed News. The article quotes founder Helen Alvare as she expressed the “sexism of mainstream feminism” in allowing abortion to eclipse every women’s issue:

“Listen I’m pro-women, I’m feminist in some cases,” the head of the organization Helen Alvaré told trainees at a training held in Washington, DC in March. “Wherever you stand politically, I think we can agree that part of the reason women don’t have things like flexible workplaces and maternity leave is because contraception and abortion has sucked up all the oxygen in the room about what it means to be a women’s issue.”

And Buzzfeed News also shared our rational, pro-woman message on abortion, contraception and sex:

Alvaré and her organization argues that the “reproductive rights” push for contraception and abortion access created societal pressure for women to have sex outside of marriage or a relationship. Rather than empowering women, this has actually benefited men and oppressed women, Alvaré argued, because “women would like some love, commitment, future, kin, children, et cetera matched up with their sexual wants.”

As the article points out, there are so many “proactive methods” of pro-life activism that “abortion rights activists could actually agree with.”  We are grateful BuzzFeed News for paying attention to how pro-life movements are working to  positively change minds about women and abortion.

Photo credit: Karolina Zuraw on Unsplash

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