Brief But Effective Action Needed on the Contraception Mandate!

When we last left the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Supreme Court sent their case back to the lower courts, and indicated that the Sisters and the government could work out a solution together.

Now, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is asking for public comment about how to accommodate religious objectors, like the Little Sisters, who cannot provide contraceptive and sterilization coverage—while still ensuring that employees without religious objections can still obtain contraceptive coverage.

This link at Human Life Action will help you easily explain to the government about how to protect the Little Sisters of the Poor and other religious objectors. Their sample letter suggests a separate plan that will not force objectors to participate in any way with contraceptive coverage. You can easily add your own comments as well as your email to their letter.

Or if you prefer to start from scratch, here is the link where you can submit your own letter to the government.

Please use either of these links to submit your comments on or before September 20, 2016! The more women who speak for themselves about what our freedom really means, the more the government will have to reckon with us!

It’s easy and takes no special expertise!

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