American Women Not Having As Many Kids As They Want

Another casualty of abortion- and contraception-first feminism: American women are currently unable to have as many children as they want.

This is reported by the New York Times this week in their regular numbers-crunching feature called “The Upshot.”  According to their story, “America’s fertility is in precipitous decline,” down 16.4 percent since 2007, and revealing a “gap between the number of children that women say they want to have (2.7) and the number of children they will probably actually have (1.8).”

The author is candid about the possible reasons: delayed marriage, more especially long-acting birth control and “morning after” pill usage, diminished face-to-face interaction (versus use of social media), and porn.  She concludes with sorry news for Millennials who, she says, “are likely to experience the largest shortfall in achieved fertility versus their stated family desires of any generation in a long time, unless something changes soon.”

Several points for reflection on this report:

First, it’s amazing and wonderful that women remain so generously inclined toward having children when the most vocal strand of feminism—over decades now—has associated mothering with a retrograde past of women chained to domestic chores, incapacitated for work outside the home and therefore equality with men.  And when economic and time pressures are felt so strongly by so many. Go women!

Second, do we really need more proof that mainstream feminism does not take women’s actual preferences into account?

Third, continual feminist activism on behalf of preventing pregnancy, or killing unborn children has nearly sucked up all the “women’s-issues-oxygen” in the political and cultural spheres!  It’s time for Women to Speak for Themselves about what they want and what needs to be done to get it! To speak in favor of both public and private support and encouragement for healthy dating, marriage, and support for mothering and fathering as a personal, community and national good!

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