About Us

Women Speak For Themselves is a national grassroots movement empowering women to speak in media, local communities and online, about how women are disadvantaged respecting dating and marriage, especially because of contraception and abortion, and about how to reconnect sex with marriage and children for the good of all people.

Who We Are

Helen Alvaré is the President of Women Speak for Themselves, a project of Reconnect Media (formerly Chiaroscuro Institute). She is Professor of Law at the Scalia Law School at George Mason University (Arlington, Virginia), where she teaches and writes scholarship in the areas of family law and law and religion. She is a consultant for ABCNews and board member of Catholic Relief Services. She has been a consultor to Pope Francis’ and Pope Benedict XVI’s Pontifical Council for the Laity. She is the author of several books including Putting Children’s Interests First in American Family Law: With Power Comes Responsibility (Cambridge Univ. Press). Professor Alvaré received her law degree from Cornell University and her master’s in systematic theology from the Catholic University of America. She founded Reconnect Media in 2012.

Meg McDonnell is the Executive Director of Women Speak for Themselves, a project of Reconnect Media (formerly Chiaroscuro Institute). Previously she was a journalist, and a recipient of a full time Robert Novak fellowship (2011) for a project titled Marriage and Young Adults: Understanding the Struggle to Get to ‘I Do.’ Her writing has appeared in the Washington Post, The Federalist, National Review Online, The Public Discourse, Acculturated.com, MercatorNet, Verily Magazine, and various other outlets. She is an alumna of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN with undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Catholic Studies, and a Masters of Arts in Teaching. She joined Reconnect Media in 2012.

Join our efforts!

We really want to know your name and your state. Everything else is optional, and if we don’t have a field for it, just put it in your note at the end. We understand that many women can’t identify their employer, so feel free to describe it generically: public university, real estate agency, accounting firm, stay-at-home mom, etc