A Women’s March? Speak for Yourself!

Everyone is talking about the so-called “Women’s March” happening in DC the day after President Trump is sworn in.

The stated goal is to demonstrate to the new administration that “women’s rights are human rights.” They proclaim also that: “defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us” and “call on all defenders of human rights to join us.”

Sounds great!

Except…… Planned Parenthood, and NARAL Pro-Choice America are “partnering” with the March.

Abortion? A “pro-woman” issue? Has nearly 50 years of women-led pro-life activism, post-abortion ministry and crisis pregnancy centers taught them nothing?

The March is also….well….”ugly” about sex.   As you read this, attendees are busily knitting “pussy hats” (yes, you read that correctly) to wear to the march, in order to “reclaim” this reference to the female sexual organs as a “means of empowerment.”

With our own March for Life just one week later, you may be inclined to sit on the sidelines of the Women’s March coverage. But the media will be all over the Women’s March and claim to “know” what women really want.  I think it’s really important, as WOMEN, that we make our voices heard while the media is busy looking for content.

Here are a few ways you can speak out:

1) The NYTimes is looking to hear from women about the March. Fill out their survey form!  Tell them whether you are planning to go to the March, or even participate at home, on social media.

2) Write a letter to the editor to your local paper. It doesn’t need to be complex, and feel free to steal language from this email. The point is to make sure people are aware that pro-life women have informed opinions on these issues too–especially if the media fails to represent the diversity of women on these issues!

3) Speak out on social media! Over the coming week, I’ll have a piece published and so will a few other WSFT members. We’ll be sharing them on our Facebook, so watch for them, share them on your own page, quote from them and spread them around however possible!

As always, please let WSFT know what efforts you undertake. And Happy First Project of the New Year!

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