A Poem Speaks for Itself

Note from Helen: One of our original and still-enthusiastic WSFT members penned these amazing thoughts on the new inspiration that comes to a woman at “middle-age” who realizes all she is still called to give to other women and to the world. Read on!

“She Comes Awake”

She comes awake in the fullness of middle age.

To the knowledge that the world needs her.





Her experience of people and the public square.


Skill-building and resource emplacement to support “retirement” (whatever that is anymore), all largely behind her,

She knows: soon enough she’ll leave it all behind.

Better to use it for the good, as her Mother & Aunties & Grandmothers & Mentors & Advocates taught.

Her family, by blood & adoption are mostly raised, settled, married… some sweet Grand’s starting their lives.


She sees the gathering crowd in the public square.

Many are confused and hurting. Some are angry.

And, delightfully… powerful, loving, smart girlfriends walk throughout the square, some also reaching to scratch an itch.

And there are the many who love them.


Her network.

Her will for a better world, built on solid foundations.

Her confidence.

Her hope.

Our love.

Teams and work to be joined.

Can we get the momentum going so that: as we each expel our last breath, we breathe the last of our love into the world?


She kisses her husband in his sleep,

Gathers her Rosary back onto the nightstand,

and rises early to capture a poem.


Anne Camille Talley is from Lake Harmony, PA.

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