A Note of Encouragement from Helen

I just had to write to assure you that no matter what the Supreme Court does, they will not have the last word on the morality of killing unborn children! They will not have the last word about the great good of the freedom of religious conscience.

You can. We can.

So long as you continue to talk to your family and your friends in truth and in kindness.

So long as your church community continues to think and pray together about how to witness to your religion locally.

So long as your life, your family, your work and your relationships continue to radiate the goods that every onlooker naturally desires.

I’m old enough now to have watched the pro-life movement left-for-dead, only to see it rise up, younger, cleverer and more confident! I’ve seen judges solemnly affirm that cohabitation would strengthen marriage only to read monthly some article in the NYTimes admitting exactly the opposite.

And now abortion advocates are celebrating (and I do mean celebrating) the Court’s banning states from making abortion safer for women. And they’re celebrating the Court’s refusal to help a pharmacist who is at the mercy of a state law targeting only religious objectors to providing abortifacient drugs.

But you really can’t keep the truth down for long. You can’t hide the beauty of a faith that causes you to welcome life, respect the power of sex, and celebrate the right of religious freedom.

You know we have each other at Women Speak for Themselves (about 69,000 of us now) working in our local communities, families, churches and schools. We’ll continue to send you positive, concrete ideas for showing your religious freedom pride!

We’re not out…we’re not even down. We’re just going to have to do more and better. Each of us doing a little. Where we live.

Onward and upward, sisters!

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