A Light In The Darkness

As the election nears, many of us are feeling dejected about the state of our society, discouraged that truth seems MIA, and weary from sensing that our voice is unheard. But there is so much to be optimistic about, regardless of election outcomes.

Why? Because it is guaranteed that even the littlest light we can muster will shine brighter in great darkness.

Chiaroscuro Institute (the umbrella organization behind WSFT) has a name meaning “light and dark.” Chiaroscuro is known as an artistic technique where the artist uses a small light amidst the darkness of the painting in order to create a visually powerful contrast. You cannot take your eyes off the light!

So it is with us. Our reasonable and inspiring advocacy for the great goods of marriage, sex, and children will make us all the more attractive to those who have looked for a long time into the darkness. Our light will shine even brighter to them.

They will be drawn by our courage to continue to speak against powerful tides.

They will be drawn by our decision to share truth with gentleness and respect.

They will want –  like WSFT trainee Sherry Antonetti – to choose “the way of more love” by releasing fears around pregnancy and children to bring new life into the world.

They will be drawn by our practice of doing –  in the words of Mother Teresa – “small things with great love.”

If you are interested in sharing your light in a more visible, public way, applications for WSFT’s media training in Washington DC are underway and close October 31.  We hope to hear from you.

I encourage you to have great hope for the future! It’s no accident we were born during this time!!

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