A Chance For You To Say #ThanksNFP

A week ago we spoke out against the sexualization of the culture, and refuted unhealthy myths about women’s sexuality and freedom. Thank you for your awesome response!

But I need you to speak for yourself again this week…this time, to celebrate something good!

Because it’s NFP Awareness Week! (yea!! cue the confetti…!)

NFP Awareness Week is a national educational campaign to share how Natural Family Planning (planning your family using “fertility awareness”) can benefit women, marriages, and families.

We talk about the risks of birth control a lot, but women need to hear too about GOOD ALTERNATIVES to contraception and the culture it’s helped to create. You can help encourage women to make wonderfully healthy choices for their bodies and their relationships by sharing the truth about fertility-awareness based methods (FABMs), known by many as NFP.

We want YOU to speak for yourself by saying #ThanksNFP on social media! Let’s get the #ThanksNFP hashtag trending on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more to educate the world!

Here’s what I’d like you to do:

  1. Join in our social media picture campaign to say #ThanksNFP!

EASY instructions: Take a picture with this template about why you’re saying “Thanks NFP!” Print it in “landscape” format for best results. After you fill it in and snap your photo, email it to me at helen@chiaroscuroinstitute.org so that we can post it to our Facebook page. If you use Twitter, please post it with the hashtag #ThanksNFP so that we can re-tweet you on our page.

If you find it too hard to print, just write “Thanks NFP” on a piece of paper along with your reason for gratitude!
You don’t have to use NFP yourself to be part of this campaign! Read about how NFP helps women, relationships, families and communities, and then send us your picture.

Here’s an example:

2. If you haven’t already, sign the petition from Natural Womanhood to tell CDC to update its website to show accurate effectiveness rates of NFP/FABMs!

  1. Speak for yourself about how NFP has helped you! Write an essay about your experiences, or an article refuting common myths. Our fact sheet will give you lots to work with! Or even easier, tweet or post on social media using the #ThanksNFP hashtag so we can see your posts. Here are some sample tweets and posts to get you started:

– NFP empowers women to work with their bodies, instead of against them. #ByeBC #ThanksNFP

– Unlike hormonal BC, NFP is free of side effects. #ByeBC #ThanksNFP

– NFP is linked to stronger relationships. #ThanksNFP

– Couples using NFP report having more satisfying sex lives. #ThanksNFP

– #ThanksNFP for helping me build my family!

– #ThanksNFP for strengthening my marriage

– #ThanksNFP for helping me keep my body hormone-free!

– #ThanksNFP for celebrating women’s bodies the way they are made

We will also be posting memes for you to “share” on Facebook or any other social media platform, so keep checking our Facebook page.

As always, thank you for speaking for yourself for the good of all women.

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