A Big Way And A Small Way To Speak For Yourself

In case you’re wondering what manageable (but awesome) steps you can take to share sanity about sex, marriage, kids, and women’s freedom (…and aren’t you always?), some members of Women Speak for Themselves have wonderful ideas for you!

First, the “big way”: led by women in Northeast Ohio, a group called “New Millennium Laity” was formed in response to inspiration from WSFT. Though they are a Catholic group, I could see their ideas being utilized by an interfaith or non-religiously affiliated group, depending on your beliefs and the needs of your community.

The group hosts conversations in women’s homes and in parishes about issues that matter to women, including strengthening marriage and male-female relationships, as well as supporting women’s authentic freedom. They bring in speakers for the local community from time to time.

And take a look at their Facebook! It’s just what a local group does well. They send one another inspiring, positive stories to provide ongoing hope. And they post excellent material from top notch women’s groups like ENDOW, WSFT and others!

New Millennium Laity has several hundred women involved on its Facebook. They’ve even incorporated as a nonprofit in Ohio (it’s easier than you think, and makes contributions tax deductible). So bravo to our WSFT women in Ohio! and if you want to know how to copy them, please contact Sally Khula at sskhula@hotmail.com .

Of course, not everyone is ready to take the step of organizing a community group right now…(although starting a WSFT Gathering can be easy as meeting a friend for coffee)! Even if you can’t mobilize friends and neighbors at the moment, you can speak for yourself without leaving your laptop.

WSFT member Dana recently sent us this email about how she took a few minutes to speak for herself, and encouraged positive dialogue about women’s issues in her hometown. Dana writes:

 I love receiving your updates, encouraging to see signs that the media is “getting it.” It reminds me of the joke:  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time… 

The University of Idaho Moscow campus is nearby.  Their weekly student paper, The Argonaut, published an above-the-fold feature story a few weeks ago about local events surrounding the Women’s March that, I was happy to discover, was fair and respectful to both sides.  They even used the term “pro-life” in the story. I sent a brief gracious letter to the editor congratulating them on the piece and received a kind reply.  A win-win!

Keep up the good work,


Here’s Dana’s email that she sent to thank that student paper. As you see, it was quick and easy as can be:

Dear Editor,

Picked up a copy of the Jan 25 Student Paper in town.  I was so very impressed by the paper’s coverage on the Women’s March.  It was informative and respectful to all sides. Kudos to the authors for a great article. 

Keep up the good work!



Dana says she received a very gracious reply from the editor in response.

Never underestimate the impact of spending a few minutes to speak for yourself. Dana’s small gesture of goodwill will no doubt encourage continued fair and unbiased reporting about pro-life women by the student paper. What could be more important for young students forming their views? And Dana has also established a positive contact in the local media and at the local university…never hurts to have friends with a platform!

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