5 Things WSFT Needs To Watch (And Act On!) In 2015

Happy New Year to all of us working together to make 2015 a better year for women and for religious freedom! Here’s my List of “5 Things WSFT Needs to Watch (and Act on!) in 2015” (and if you have more ideas, can you PLEASE send them to me? We’ll include them in the next letter):

1. The HHS Mandate:
The White House continues to devote millions of dollars to lawsuits involving religious institutions fighting against the mandate. .though religious institutions are mostly succeeding! (see http://www.becketfund.org/hhsinformationcentral/). Religion needs our help in the Court of Public Opinion to remind everyone not only about the law protecting religious freedom, but about the idiocy of the White House’s line that “sex without kids equals women’s freedom.”

2. The “Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives–as-Silver-Bullet” Theory:
I gave you a fact sheet on LARCs earlier but expect to see this theme continue in 2015. I will soon pen another relevant column full of data and send it to you. As always, feel free to steal my stuff!

3. Media and Interest Groups Commemorating the 20th Anniversary the United Nations’ (Beijing) Conference on Women (see: http://beijing20.unwomen.org/en):
In 1995, contraception and abortion advocates came close to inserting into a major UN document, language affirming women’s and minor girls’ “human rights” to sexual expression without kids. They were stopped then, but remain determined to try. This year will bring reams of news coverage about this so called “stalled revolution,” in human rights, and the usual suspects – Clinton Foundation, Center for Reproductive Rights, etc– will use the anniversary to promote contraception and abortion generally. WSFT will send you arguments to help.

4. Run up to 2016 Presidential Campaign and War on Women Rhetoric:
You might think that advocates of abortion and the HHS Mandate would have been sufficiently embarrassed by 2014’s failed “War on Women” rhetoric. (See e.g. how one candidate’s obsession earned him the nickname “Mark Uterus”). But with a presidential election on the horizon, common sense is leaving the building. Expect to see LOTS of arguments that the slightest disagreement with legal abortion and mandated-contraception-insurance equals a “war on women”. As always, expect LOTS of help on this topic from WSFT.

5. A lot of talk and no action on sex, dating and marriage among the poor:
Not a day goes by that the news isn’t full of the growing sex and marriage gaps between the better- and worse-off. The usual answer is some combination of more LARCs (see #2 above), more social welfare spending, and revising DOWN our expectations for marriage. This year is crucial. We can’t give up on the natural good of keeping sex, marriage and kids together for poorer women and men. Every day, our website IBelieveinLove.com, together with its missionaries in working class neighborhoods will be working to help couples directly, and to surface insights about what WORKS to help our less advantaged sisters and brothers. Tune in, donate, and forward it especially to those who need our help!

With gratitude for our coming work together!!

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